How to Capture the Snow-capped Mountains of Anatolia

Unlike any other landscape, the snow-clad mountains of Türkiye have a magnetic pull that attracts local and foreign visitors. In winter, the crystal-white snow picks up visible shifts in the photos as the sun casts cold blue tones, thus offering the best conditions to capture the mountains! There is something for everyone to capture in these great spots. Take some long and wide shots that forecast the beautiful scenery. Your photos will surely give others a sense of the place; when they look at the pictures, they will genuinely feel as if they were in the snow-capped mountains with you! Time to list our selection of the most beautiful and optimal destinations for capturing the snow-capped Mountains in Anatolia.

1. Babadağ

With a vast range of plants ranging from rare orchids to old cedar trees, this path offers an intriguing stroll along a historic road returning to the Lycian period. Hiking is best done in April to June or September to November. It may be hot and dry in the middle of summer. The latter stages of the trail could become hard to cover in the winter, as snow covers the high peaks. Mt., Babadağ is also one of the world’s top paragliding destinations. Every year, thousands of local and international travellers go to the Fethiye district of Muğla to paraglide and capture thrilling photos they will hardly ever forget!

Aside from the mountain views, you can also visit Fethiye’s “Ghost Town” for some unique photos! Just follow the link here.

2. Hasandağı

Located in Kadapokya in Nevşehir district, Hasandağı offers many things to its visitors. The unique view of Hasandağı, an inactive volcano at an altitude of 3268 meters, quickly captures people who see it. The region’s inhabitants have been harvesting obsidian on this mountain since the chalcolithic period. Hasandağı, with its well-maintained trails, is a beautiful alternative for mountaineering enthusiasts. The Ancient City of Nora, which dates back to Hellenistic times, welcomes you from the mountain’s foothills as you climb to shoot the most astonishing views of the snow-capped mountain and Kapadokya.

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3. Taurus Mountains

The Taurus Mountains are an extension of the well-known Alps. It is situated in the Antalya Bay area. You will be the guest of several historical cities and experience innumerable natural wonders while travelling to the Taurus Mountains. The snow-covered parts of the Taurus Mountains also provide excellent outdoor and winter activities conditions, and they welcome visitors all year. You can take great pictures here using the foreground to create your scene. Later, you can share those breathtaking shots with your friends to brag about your fascinating experience!

4. Bozdağ

Owing much to its various forestry areas, intriguing natural scenery and the numerous activities it offers, Bozdağ is the focus of interest for local and foreign tourists. It is located in the Ödemiş district of İzmir. This beautiful snow-capped mountain’s slopes are covered with pine and oak forests, natural springs, and trekking routes for trekking lovers. It easily captures off-the-beaten-path adventurers such as hikers, bikers, and wildlife enthusiasts. You can capture beautiful shots in Bozdağ, whether from the mountain or the sea level.

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5. Süphan Dağı

Mount Süphan, Anatolia’s third tallest mountain, is an extinct volcano. A covered glacier encircles the mountain. Mount Süphan is commonly climbed from the east side. Throughout the hike, Lake Van will provide you with various stunning vistas! On the other hand, there are several excellent camping spots on the Süphan plateau. You will find yourself alone with nature’s splendours here. During your stay on Mount Süphan, you will be enthralled by the scenery.

6. Uludağ

Located within the borders of Bursa province, Uludağ takes its place in the list with its fame for being the tallest mountain in the Marmara region. It offers numerous spots for photography enthusiasts to capture great shots! Uludağ is highly popular among local and foreign tourists who come to Bursa for its abundant nature and refreshing air. It has become Türkiye’s epicentre of winter sports over time. It’s also easy to go to from nearby towns. With its outstanding sceneries and accessible and comfortable facilities, Uludağ creates a lasting impression on its visitors. After taking photos, get your snowboard and experience some adrenaline-filled moments in Uludağ!

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7. Mount Çam

Located between Kocaeli and Hendek districts, the snow-covered summits of Mount Çam mesmerizes its visitors with spectacular views. Chestnut, pine, and hornbeam trees in this destination turn white as winter approaches and cover the mountains like a white blanket. Mount Çam is highly convenient because it is near sea level and accessible in a short amount of time. It’s also a great spot to picnic with your family and loved ones. Get a breath of fresh mountain air and enjoy your stay on Mount Çam as you take pictures, one more excellent than the other.

8. Mount Bolu

Located in Bolu province, Mount Bolu is a lofty mountain with an altitude of 726 meters. This region’s abundance of flora and wildlife makes this mountain a photographers’ paradise! 

You will find yourself in the middle of the picturesque pine forests of Mount Bolu. It’s also an optimal place for Alpine skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Aside from them, having a picnic, camping, fishing, trekking, and cycling are just a few outdoor activity options available.

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